Will you recover your memory?

Very bad trüp

An alien wakes up with no memory, probably because of an overly festive evening …
He’s right next to an ancient temple, occupied by humans who have turned it into a nightclub!
Next to the Ancient Temple stands a settlement bearing a strange crest. Much preplexed, he reads the letters: “N-A-S-A” …

  • Play as a jovial, curious and amnesiac alien.
  • Explore the beaches of the Trappist-1d exoplanet.
  • Chat with the locals to recover your memory.
  • Survive an exotic environment filled with intrigue, traps and enemies,
  • Discover the truth about the presence of the earthlings and the ultimate goal of their coming here,
  • Go in search of the power of the ancients.

“Nargül – Humans are among us” is a virtual reality action adventure game. Immerse yourself in the heart of an exo-adventure: investigate to regain your memory and find out the reason for the presence of the earthlings. Blast your way through this exotic island full of challenges. Fight against creatures, collect top secret information, and uncover the ultimate truth.

Playable Demo

Discover the universe of Nargül in this 10 minutes playable demo.
(Thanks to WandaWeb for the gameplay video)

Download the demo (Steam)

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Overcome the obstacles of the 12 levels of the island.


Chat with others and use the collected items effectively.


Complete the many missions of your quest.


Find a way to survive
Crabüls !


Images | Movies | Press Kit

Press Kit

“Nargül – Humans are among us”, is a game created and published by 3DDD Games sas, a French independent studio and publisher.
Click below to access the press Kit.

Press releases

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User help


Need help ? Contact us directly on our Discord server, Support section.
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System requirements
PC windows 10, I5 10th gen, rtx2060, 16Go Ram, VR Headset compatible with SteamVR.


“Nargül – Humans are among us” will be on Steam on 03/31/2022.
Click here to view the store page.


Get the available demo version here :


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